Monday, June 30, 2014

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My weekend in pictures. 

Friday's outfit of the day! So comfy and was ready to exercise after I ran my errands! 

They always brighten up my mood! 

We vlogged! Jose thought I was taking a picture, I was recording! 
Go watch other #FiveMinutesandUs videos before this one goes live-see videos here

Went to Francesca's and we saw this sign, Emily read it, 
we snapped a picture and sent it to Jose! 

Jose borrowed my phone, took a selfie and added it as my wall paper and lock screen. Enough said. 

We climbed all the way up the Bunkerhill Monument, stay tuned
 for this vlog as well! Subscribe to see both of them when they are live- subscribe here

We ended the night with of course another fire! Summer nights are the best! 

A "How to" is up on for this mani! First one, be nice! 

We are ready for the 5K with Harvard Pilgrim! 

Emily is half Costa Rican and she was very festive for their game yesterday!

How was your weekend? are you linking up? 
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  1. I always wanna hang out with y'all when I see your recap posts! :) love your nails!!!!

  2. Mood Monday : feeling relaxed after a long week in Puerto Rico!!! & I love you're nails!!

  3. Super cute nails! The girls are always so cute!

    1. Thank you! So glad you're a fan of the girls! :)

  4. So cute, and his selfie background pic, hilarious!

  5. I can't figure out how to change my link up from my iPhone! Grrr! Sorry honey ! My iPhone is all I have to blog on right now bc I loaned my laptop to my baby sis .

    1. Oh no! I will see if I can add it for you at home!

  6. Emily and her little nails are so cute! She cheeses just like her dad! lol. Hey, I'm trying to link up but it keeps just loading a blank page. Idk what to do, but nevertheless, my post is up!

    1. Adorable right!? Ugh .. Is it because you posted later? I'll have to check it once home.. I'll check out your post now!


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