Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Small disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor am I claiming to be in great shape, these are things that have helped me lose weight, feel better and I'd like to share.

A little background information on my weight history.. I was never a thin girl, I grew up not really putting much thought to my weight. I do remember knowing that I shouldn't wear certain things because I didn't like the way I looked in them. 
I often went on diets in the past but I never commited to anything long enough to see any results. It wasn't until maybe 3 years ago that I really put some effort into losing some weight and becoming healthier. 

I am the pickiest eater known to life.. I don't like vegetables and I love to eat bread, and pasta. I am not done with my journey, and there are days where I don't do any of these things.. But I noticed that little by little changes have been made. 

Here are the 5 things that helped me lose some weight and lead a somewhat healthier lifestyle: 

1. Water 

2. Eating 

3. Not eating past 7pm 

4. Knowing when I am full 

5. Excercise 

I know everyone who gives any sort of tip on losing weight or maintains a healthy lifestyle will mention drinking water. I carry a bottle of water with me at work and refill it every time I drink it. I have at least 8 bottles a day, sometimes more. I cut out all sodas and juices, I only have coffee in the morning and the rest of the day I have water. If I am out I may have a lemonade, but most of the time it's water. 


Eating is important, I have three meals a day and I add small snacks in between with my water to keep me full. I have breakfast around 8-9, lunch 12-1 and dinner at 6-7. All small meals but filling.
Usually my breakfast is oatmeal and banana, it's filling the he thirst convenient food I can make while on the go or at work. 

Not eating past a certain time is a good goal to set. My time is 7 sometimes 8 depending what time I get home from work. After 8pm my body slows down I sit and chat or I sit and work on some homework.. There isn't as much movement as during the day. If I get hungry after this time I'll have a fruit and some more water. 

Knowing when I'm full is something that I have to thank Jose for helping me with. He explained a while back that he stopped eating when he was full. I was guilty of eating all of my food because I didn't want to waste it or because we were out eating and we were paying for it so I had to eat it.. Now, I listen to my body and I know when I am satisfied. I don't like the feeling of feeling super stuffed. I stop eating when I am full and take the rest home for leftovers. 

Excercise. It sucks. I don't always do much of it, and still with the changes that I made with my diet I lost weight and saw a  difference. I am integrating excersice back into my daily routine. I don't like to go to the gym, but I do work out at home. I walk with my kids a lot while at work and with the warmer weather back  we are back outside with Jose. 

Jose started the #Pena5K and this has been a great way to have fun while exercising. There is a big group of friends and cousins that come and we all run a 5K at our pace. We cheer each other on and it helps when there are people to run with. Also for excersice we run hills, go for nature walks, weights at home and more. Even if you walk, it's better than sitting. 

We have also started walkin to places, like to get Dunkin' for me, instead if driving over, we walk. It's a great time to talk and disconnect from the internet world. 

What are some of the tips you have for losing weight or just living healthier. I am not into eating organic or anything drastic but I'd love to hear what you all do. 

Agian, these are changes I made to my diet and saw results from it. Everyone is different and I don't follow this strictly because I am human and will have a soda if I want it. 
Let us know what you do to stay in shape! 

Use #WhatIAteWednesday to show the world what you're eating today or what you're doing for exercise and use #VeroSays to show me! 

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  1. I have the hardest time not snacking after dinner! Most of the time I'm not even hungry but I want something (usually something sweet), I always feel better when I don't give into my cravings though!

  2. Great post! My husband is a personal trainer and is BIG on low carb high protein and fat diet. I used to be REALLY good about not eating bread, pasta, rice, etc but over the past year or so I have got back into eating bad. I am going to Mexico in July so I am trying to lose weight now since I know that I will splurge on vacation.My problem is snacking (CHIPS) and eating bread for lunch. I work out 3-4x a week so that helps but all the bad eating has caught up with me lately.

  3. I love the idea if walking somewhere (like how y walk to Dunkin) that is such a great idea! I really think it's the little things people do that make the biggest impact!


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