Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Lately my Thankful Thursdays seem to be a recap of my weekend and a few things from the week.. Once again, I had a fabulous weekend and week, so much to be thankful for. 

I am thankful for awesome Friday night dinner dates with Hailey and Emily. 

& for cousins who get together to support other cousins in school events like this one we went to for my little cousin who played Aladdin. 

Emily and Hailey loved watching.. 
The kiddos behind them are also my cousins. 

Saturday's we have ballet with Emily.. So thankful to be able to have her participate in something she loves.. We went to the library after and she got her first library card and she signed it herself! 

Emily then had a play date at Monkey Joes, Jose and I watched and I visited the bridal store next door!! 

I am oh so thankful for Steak & Cheese dinners at awesome sub shops!! Here's Jose and Emily after, just hangin' on a bench! Do you guys like Emily's top knot? 

This is us smiling and being silly... 

On Sunday we went out to breakfast and taught Emily how to play Go Fish! She loved it and was pretty good at it! 

Thankful for friends who go for a walk to Dunks for a chat. 

I am thankful for Influenster and Ebates..! Influenster sends me complimentary products to review. 

& Ebates allows me to shop online and get paid for it.. I explain both in today's video on my channel- 

I am thankful for "Jenny from the block", she makes fabulous pop corn! 

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  1. Your dinner dates are precious :) Woo hoo for ebates and Influenster, what a cute little razor!

  2. Yay for an ebates check!! I've yet to get money back but I think that just means I need to shop online more :)

    1. HAHA!! Wait 'til you are over the financial bump (I read your post for today) then do some shopping!! :)

  3. I love doing recap type posts for my TT posts too :) I'm super impressed by that Aladdin set! You guys are such a cute little family! I love all the photos!

    1. So much fun to do these that way!! It makes me super happy to be able to look back at my weeks! Thanks so much for reading!

  4. Y'all make the prettiest family!! And I think Emily's top knot is adorable!

  5. Aww such adorable photos! That top knot is rockin'!

  6. I just pre-qualified for another Influester box! Wooohoooo!! Thinking about this ebates thing....hmmm
    Oh and how cute are the girls? You're so awesome with kids <3


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