Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I was looking around for cards for the moms in my life and saw pretty hand made cards at a bookstore, and thought I should make my own. So here I am...

*colorful markers
*heavy weight media paper 
*heavy weight and colorful construction paper 
*glue stick

First, I folded my paper in half, these are 5.5in X 8.5in so they folded nicely into a great size for a card. 

Then I cut out strips from the desired color construction paper to write out MOM. Make sure you are checking to see that what you create will fit on the folded card. I had some long strips and some short to glue together into the M's, then I had circles for the O and cut out the inside by folding it in half and cutting around it. 
After I had my letters I glued them on the front of the card. For some cards  I overlapped the letters, other cards  I didn't. 

I like that the word MOM is glued together with rough edges, it looks hand made. What do you think? 

Last step is to personalize the inside with your colorful markers. You could use the markers to draw designs on the front but I like the simplicity of the word MOM. 

I also wrote on the back that they were made with love by me. 

I had several left over envelopes at home that fit these cards but you could also look up a DIY for envelopes, see one here

Are you purchasing any cards? Any chance you'll make some? Use the #handmademothersday on social media so that I could see what you come up with! 

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  1. Great DIY idea :*

  2. So cute! Great idea! Thanks for sharing! xoxo :)

  3. So cute!! I love handmade cards & gifts, especially for my kiddos!

  4. Mother's day has passed in my country.

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