Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I am very happy I started this blog a few months ago.. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I did start, but I was very excited to do so. 

I was posting every day with ease, soon I realized I really enjoyed it. 

I saw a picture one day that really put things into perspective to me. 

I couldn't find it when I looked for it so I posted this without the picture.. A great reader knew exactly which picture I was talking about and tweeted it to me. Thank you Lynsey, you rock! 

In my case, I should be doing homework, instead I procrastinate and blog, check my Instagram etc. 

However, this is not my real life. Real life is that I am 27 years old, and still in school. I had the chance to finish at the normal age of my early 20's but things came up and here I am. 

So, where is this post going... I am changing my posting schedule a bit. I was posting M-F.. Last week I took the whole week off and this week will be all over the place. 

I have so much to say and post, but not enough time. I wish I could say I will post on specific days, but as of right now I don't know. 

I hope you continue to follow along, stay in contact with me through social media! 

Have a blessed Tuesday! 



  1. I don't think there's a normal age to go to school anymore! I know so many people who go in their late twenties, thirties, or even later! You know I'll still be following along with whatever posting schedule you choose :)

  2. I'll definitely be following along whenever you post! I absolutely love blogging too, it's definitely more work than I expected haha. The good part is you don't have to be on any specific schedule, post when YOU want to :)

  3. I've always been all over the place with my posting days haha. It's your blog, so it's up to you when you blog! Life can get hectic, just gotta do what you can. Can't wait to see some of your future posts! :)

  4. Life always gets in the way of our plans. It did with my school schedule too! I took much longer to finish than I would have liked, but the important thing is that I finished. And you will too! :D Also, blogging takes a lot of time, so I think we all understand that you might not have as much time to focus on it, while you're in school. Good luck with your studies!

    Here's a similar image to the one you were talking about. :) I knew what it was the moment you described it.


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