Monday, April 21, 2014

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter..! I can't wait to share some pictures on Thursday for my weekly Thankful Thursday post. Be sure to come back for that! 

Usually I get this day off from work, but today I am working and it just so happens that I work on Beacon St and will be able to witness the Marathon for the first time. 

Boston, we are strong. I have lived in Boston all my life. I am at mile 24 on and off.. Walking around. Giving Isla her nap breaks and watching with pride. I wanted to share some pictures of the event. 

I came in to the city early thinking I would have trouble getting through Beacon st, but it wasn't difficult at all. 

Early this AM

People started to gather very fast to see the wheelchair division & hand cycles. Then the Elite women came. 

Elite Men  

The crowd asked for a selfie and the national guard runners went for it..! 

What an experience, everyone cheered the runners on.. There wasn't ever a silent moment. I saw a runner get hurt, he sat on the ground and people rushed to offer ice, water.. A bandaid..! The medical team helped him with his cramp, he got up and kept going! 

 Come back later, I will update with more pictures! Check Instagram, I will upload videos there.

For names for the winners and other details be sure to check 

Have you ever run a marathon? Jose is hoping he can run one day. Thanks so much for reading! 

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