Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We're on YouTube, & we'd love it if you subscribed to our channel! We posted our first video last night-five minutes of laughter, we hope you'll say! 

See Our first 5 minutes here

We work full time and I also study full time. We want to catch five minutes here and there to talk about different things. You'll catch me interrupting Jose's conversations a lot, it's what I do.. 

We live in Boston, we're recently engaged, and I will be marrying into a family of two.. Jose has a beautiful 5 year old daughter named Emily. She's already made appearances on this blog and on my Instagram.. 

In out first video we talked about my red forehead, his white hair, his addiction to Netflix, and he mentioned a few of his favorite series! 

I'm not so funny, but he's hilarious and makes me laugh.. You'll love us! 

He already has a few things he wants to talk about in our next video.. 
He wants to let you all know that he's the star of the show and I'm just there to watch.. 

We are of course Boston sports fans! 

Subscribe to our new channel and comment on our first video-let us know in the comments how funny we are, or how funny Jose is. 

Also, leave your YouTube links below so we could head your way as well! 


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