Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Thursday, another day to be thankful.. So many great things to be thankful for.. It's snowing again in Boston, but Spring is coming! I know it.

I am thankful for my god daughter, Arianna. Isn't she precious? I am also thankful for her mom who sends me pictures of her. They live in Florida, so it is awesome to get pictures of her. She recently started sending me little "reports" on what she has been up to. It is great to hear about her accomplishments, even if they are as little as finally fitting into her Sparkly Toms I bought her a while ago. 

I am thankful for this gorgeous ring! I am so thankful because every time I look at it I see Jose, and the meaning behind this ring is incredibly amazing. 

So thankful for Jose's good taste in nail polish. He picked this color out while we were in Puerto Rico. It is like heaven, it applies very smoothly and the color he chose is beautiful on my nails. 

I am thankful for Emily. No specific reasons, just thankful for her smiles. 

I am thankful for just because surprises. Jose came home the other night with these Lucky Brand flats. So thankful. Now if it could hurry up and bloom outside I could wear these!! 

So thankful for the courage it took to expose ourselves for anyone to see. We posted our first YouTube video, and we hope you'll subscribe to see more. We are posting vlog style videos and Jose thinks he's the star of our channel.. Go see the video and comment other wise ;) 

I am thankful for Instagram, what did I ever do when I didn't have an account? Follow my and let me know you're following from my blog I will follow back!

Lastly, I am always thankful for these ladies who started this link up, 
go check them out and let hem know I sent you! 

What are you thankful for today? Let me know in the comments section below! Also, have you seen our first 5 minutes on YouTube? 

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  1. you are very blessed my love :) xx

  2. A man who shops for you?? GOOD score my friend! He picked a great polish color!

  3. Hahah you guys are really cute together in your video! I love Pretty Little Liars!!! Can't wait till next week's episode! That is super cute that Jose brings surprises home for you. Arianna and Emily are adorable :)

  4. So many things to be thankful for!

  5. Such a good list of so much to be thankful for! Your ring is gorgeous and that nail polish color is so pretty as well! Jose must have good taste because those flats look so cute too :)

  6. Adorbs!! I love that he buys little goodies for you! Arianna and Emily are so terribly cute. Your post made me smile while I really needed right about now. Thanks

  7. Awww. Vero, you welcome!!!
    We are thankful for having you as godmother to
    Our little princess. . . <3 even though you are miles apart you are always asking about her :)))) #bestgodmother

  8. Love love your ring! And how sweet that he brought you home surprise shoes! Sounds like you have a keeper :) Have a great weekend girl!

  9. Your god daughter is precious! And I love your ring! He defy sounds like a keeper! Thanks for letting me know about he link up! What a great idea!!!! ;)

  10. You're god daughter is adorable! And your ring is gorgeous!! I'm so thankful you link up with us every week & that I can keep up with your happenings on IG!


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