Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If there was one product that I would say I could not live without, it would definitely be mascara. There is something about this product that makes me feel like I am ready to conquer the world. Not just any mascara will do, however. 

I have been loving the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes, I got two in a purchase I made from QVC, see more about that here. I love it, it gives me volume without clumping my lashes and it is more of a dry formula, which I like. 

This review is not about the Tarte mascara but of the Jordana Best Lash Extreme. It is fabulous, and reminds me a lot of the Tarte Lights Camera lashes, without the price tag. 

According to Jordana Cosmetics, this product will give immediate extreme volume, has a buildable formula without clumping and has long lasting power. 

I agree with these claims, I don't wear my mascara for more than a work day but it doesn't clump, and lasts the whole day while giving me the volume I want. 

This mascara dried a little after a few uses, which I don't mind. I really like the dry formula because the really wet formulas tend to overload my lashes making them heavy, and they take forever to dry. 

It only comes in Black, I got mine at Walgreens for $3.19, it is however $2.99 on the Jordana Cosmetics site, see here

I have been reaching for this over my Tarte Lights Camera Lashes on a daily basis. If you're in search for a new mascara that will give you volume without clumping, at a more affordable price, this is it. 

I know this picture isn't of great quality, but the sun was in and out and it was the best I could do. 

Have you tried this mascara before? Let me know your thoughts on it down below in the comments section. 

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  1. this looks great and the price is amazing!!! i lost my mascara today, so I'll be going shopping for one this evening, I'll try to watch out for this one! :) xx

  2. I actually need a new mascara! And wow, under $4?! That's a steal!

  3. I've heard such good things about jordana but there are never any Walgreens convenient to stop in, so I've never tried anything sadly!

  4. i used this years ago and loved it. i need to repurchase! great review!

  5. I love when you find cheaper alternatives to higher end products! I agree, mascara is a must with every look. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this mascara! It is every bit as good and in some cases better than high end mascaras. Great review! xoxo Lauren

  7. it looks awesome mascara :) xx

  8. I definitely need to try this mascara, this is the probably the 3rd positive review I've heard! Adding it to my shopping list!

  9. I want to try this mascara now. I've never tried anything from Jordana. Thanks for sharing!


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