Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This is my first What I ate Wednesday post, and I'm kind of excited about sharing my not so glam meals on a typical day. Keep in mind I am not the best eater.. I listen to my body and stop eating when in full, something I didn't know how to do before. 

A little background on my eating habits: 
  • I used to be big on sugar drinks, especially sodas.. I cut soda out of my diet and will only have on a rare occasion (at a party, and sometimes not even then). 
  • I drink as many cups of water as I can throughout the day. 
  • I love bread, and it's something I can't cut out completely but most of the time I limit as a treat on the weekends. 
  • I used to eat late, I cut that out as well, and eat smaller meals, with snacks in between. 

Because of the job that I have my eating schedule varies depending on the babies.. So, lately my weekday meals have been looking like this: 

I always have a medium hot regular from Dunks on my way to work..! Always! 

 I have a tall glass of water before I have my oatmeal and another one when I'm done. I usually have a whole banana on top of my Quaker Maple instant oatmeal and today I added cinnamon to make it look prettier, but usually I don't add the cinnamon. 

Mid morning I will have a fruit snack: Today, a green apple, and a tall glass of water. 

For lunch I usually have leftovers, from the night before but today I didn't have any and I was in a rush this morning so I made a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread, with a glass of water. 

Mid afternoon I will have a snack: Today a Trader Joe's Peanut butter Granola bar..! These are to die for! I also have another tall glass of water. 

I will usually have another fruit snack around 4pm, right before I leave work, today: a green mango and another tall glass of water. 

For dinner, today I made white rice and chicken with a veggie sauce. It was delicious, and I had it with you guessed it, a tall glass of water! 

Before bed after a meal like this I'll only have water, if I had another small meal I would normally have a small fruit and more water. 

This is what my typical weekday meals look like.. Of course they vary throughout depending on leftover meals and what I have at home to bring to work with me.. The weekends are a different story. Maybe I'll post a what I ate Sunday-Maybe not. 

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  1. Your dinner looks amazing! I usually prefer to snack throughout the day and then have a more full dinner!

  2. I could live on fizzy drinks, I had to cut them out cause I could literally drink them all day! Now I just have them as a treat. The banana with cinnamon looks so good, yummy :)

    Cathy x

  3. Your eating habits are very similar to mine :)

  4. You're a good eater. I should follow your example. You do look a lot healthier than the last time I saw you. Looking great with a tall glass of water ;)

  5. Girl you have some healthy eating habits :) thats awesome !! xx

  6. Very nice meals! How do you make your veggie sauce, or is there one that you use? I'm getting inspired! Thanks for sharing! xoxo Lauren

  7. I want some mango! you are such a healthy eater. you would freak out if you saw what I eat during the day lol


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