Wednesday, January 29, 2014

With Valentine's day creeping up, I thought it would be appropriate to share a little about when I fell in love. Please share yours if you'd like, and link in the comments so I could read. Or simply leave a short comment down below to share your love story!

It was the Summer of 2011, when I fell in love... I was off work most of that Summer for the first time in my life I didn't have a job. I had so much time off, and what I did with that time off was life changing. 

I fell in love with two people at the same time..! Ha! I know what you're thinking..! I'll just leave you to the pictures so you could see... 

So, what did you think? I fell in love with Jose and his daughter Emily. I am blessed to have them both in my life and will forever cherish the bond Emily & I have created. 

That's all for now, I dedicate 
this post to Jose and Emily, who my love grows for daily. 

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