Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The nanny is back and in full force. I finally started my new position yesterday with a new family. It has definitely been sweet having so much time off but I sure missed doing what I do best. I have to say if I was going to have over a month off work, I was glad it was during Christmas time. 

So, getting back into a routine, I wanted to share my #fotd. I wrote about it in my first THE NANNY WEARS MAKEUP post, I don't like to use too much because of the babies. They love to touch my face :) I just want to even out my skin tone and look presentable. 

NYX Pore Filler
Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer 
CoverGirl & Olay Concealer 
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
They're Real Mascara
Tarte Lash Curler 
Sugar Fresh Balm in Rose 

What are you wearing today? Used any of these products? Let me know in the comments section below and don't forget to follow VeroSays! to stay connected. 



  1. I'm wearing the They're Real today too :)

  2. I love this post. :)
    It's awesome that you had such a long break from work. I know that I would appreciate it, especially during the holiday season. Great post! I would have loved to see the natural look that you came up with with these items, though. Hehe. Thanks for sharing!

  3. great post !! great products :) xx

  4. When girls are toddlers, they think makeup is a toy or something to eat. wholesale makup


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