Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Thankful Thursday! I am really enjoying these.. This week it's all about the kids in my family and my nails. Be sure to check out the lovely ladies that started this series: Katie, Carly, Mia & Kristal, let them know I sent you! 

See last week's Thankful Thursday here

Thursday: My fiancé loves picking out my polishes..! & he always scores a great color! 

Friday: I took my little cousins to school, boy are they full of energy! I'm thankful for the small amount of energy I have left ;) 

Then came home to Emily and she wanted to do my nails..! She did great and I wore these for a whole 24 hours! 

Saturday: I am thankful for being able to rush it to the mall to get Emily something she really wanted. 

And for staying in contact with families I used to work for. 

Sunday: I'm also thankful for my other little cousin who loves to play wih Emily and Emily loves to play with her! 

My fiancé plays photographer for me..! 

#OOTD Post
See the rest of the pictures from the shoot, as well as where this pair of frame is from, read here

Monday: Thankful for days off, and story time at Barnes & Noble! & the meaning of this day off! 

For train rides at the mall! 

Tuesday: For beautiful smiles in the AM! 

Wednesday: I'm super thankful for hot chocote (again) & nail polish choices..! Check out my Instagram to see what I chose!! 

What are you thankful for this week? Anything super awesome happening? 

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  1. I loved seeing your week and the special kiddos in your life! You are adorable....I loved the pic your fiancé took!!

  2. Aww loved this! The kids are so cute... I love the pic with the painted nails! Adorbs! :)

  3. Love the pink polish and so cute of your little cousin painting your nails :) Love your boots in the photo of you-- even though we can only see the top half haha

  4. haha!!! Those nails pained by your cousin... awesome! What a great cousin you are for sporting them for awhile & not instantly taking it off :)
    The picture of you is so cute!!! I'm jealous of your boots! :)

  5. So many smiling, happy children in your life :).

  6. Haha aww love your little cousin painting your nails! So sweet! And really love that your fiance is playing photographer for you! He's a keeper! Thanks for linking up!!

  7. Love the pics of you in the snow, so cute :)

  8. Barnes & Noble!!!! My kind of girl!!!
    Marlyn's girls are so big and beautiful! :)
    Kiana does my nails all the time-you're brave for lasting 24 hours!!! I could imagine how painful that must have been for you!

  9. So cute especially the manicure.
    would you like to follow each other? Let me know


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