Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Get engaged, check. 
Pick the date, check. 
Set a budget, check. 
Write the guest list, umm what...? 

Woah, I have hit a wall, hard. 

This is my wedding planning update. This is where I am currently. I am at the guest list stage. If you've planned a wedding  before please, I invite you to comment down below and tell me your guest list horror stories. Tell me I'm not the only one struggling with this list. 

I for sure said a number in my head, then I started to write down just family on both sides... Where did you all come from? Seriously, our families are huge. We love everyone to pieces.. All 400 of you. I kid, my guest list is not 400, but it sure does feel like it. 

I have been looking through so many wedding magazines and Pinterest for inspiration. I have found out that I am very much a simple woman.. I have a good idea of what I want .. Now to jotting it down. I was told by a friend to have a binder, and I may regret this later but I decided on a small notebook. The reason why I decided on the small notebook is because I don't want to make this wedding a stressful situation with tons of vendors to choose from. Here's my wedding planning bible:

have also been to two possible venues for the wedding. I thought I loved the first place I went to, until I went to the second site. How many places should I consider before making my decision? 

Please share your experiences with me in the comments below.  

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  1. There were over 300 people on my guest list! Granted, at least 30 were kids, but even 270 is still a lot in my book. There ended up being about 220 who actually came (I think) and it worked out pretty well. I bought a cheap plastic binder (not a wedding planner) and honestly all I used were the pockets in the front and back to store receipts and other papers. I think your notebook will be just fine :) Happy planning!

  2. OH how I loved every bit of wedding planning--I actually would LOVE to be an event/wedding planner--both my husband and I have big families, so our guest list was...wait for it...500! I know, I know, a bit much. But we invited all 500 of them, we have big families and a ton of friends. Our wedding was by invitation only, so our venue asked for invitations before coming inside, the people later told us that night after it was all said and done...they checked off all 500 people from the list and they lost count after 800+ people!! (We handed out more invitations before the big day.)

    Everyone is different and depending on what type of wedding you want, intimate, grand, etc, I think that's what you should use to base your guest list. Take it easy, don't stress, and most importantly, have fun! It goes by way too fast and so does the big day.

    PS - I found that keeping an accordion style folder helped me a ton, I kept business cards, receipts, and contracts in there all nice and tidy.

  3. Ahhhhh!!! This is the hardest part indeed! Then you have people who you leave off and they get offended. It's like, kid I've only ever seen you once like 3 years ago! lol
    So yeah, I feel your pain.
    It's funny because I was just writing the post I'll put up tomorrow and it's about my galore! We chose to do something intimate and limited it to parents and siblings exclusively just because the guest list was too overwhelming for me. I'm not saying this is what you should do, but I'm saying I understand. Do whatever feels right and whatever works for you. In the meantime, I'll keep you in my prayers! lol

  4. Oh totally been there! I am planning ours for July (we got married last year but are having a huge reception and vow renewal to celebrate with our family and friends). I told myself it was only going to be up to 150 people. I have a list of 130, and its growing. The thing about it is, some people may get offended but some people really do understand that because of resources and how much a wedding costs that its okay! They say about 80% of the list actually comes - even if they RSVP some people still end up not coming. I am banking on all showing up - but this was beyond stressful because my list was much larger than my hubs! Anyways good luck!

  5. I HATE planning major events. We eloped and got married in Vegas New Year's Eve. Took the money we would have spent on the wedding for a fabulous honeymoon! But enjoy your journey, and I hope your special day is spectacular!


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