MOOD MONDAY! With a BIG ending!

Monday, December 9, 2013


It's Monday again, and if you didn't know I am off from work for the rest of the month.. I have a few little jobs here & there but nothing strict until January! 
I am definitely enjoying all of this time off. 

It snowed a little today! I love it, just not the after. I hate how it gets dirty and piles of it are on the sides of the roads for traffic.. But hey, it comes with the territory.  

I was excited about this Monday morning, I was wide awake and ready to take on the day.. Took some beautiful girls to school his morning, right after a Dunkin run. They had apple juice and munchkins, I of course had my COFFEE. How pretty are these little girls!?

I wanted to share some pictures of my weekend, we definitely had another chill weekend, but nonetheless very eventful. If you follow me on my personal FB you would have already seen the BIG NEWS! This weekend will definitely go down as one of the happiest. 

The winner for the Mary Kay giveaway was chosen, if you know Neya V, congratulate her! 

I didn't wear much makeup this weekend, it was definitely pretty chill, but we did have a birthday party to go to... This was my #FOTD for both Saturday and Sunday. 

Were making our own UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS for our party next weekend!! Let me tell you these sweaters are UGLY! Haha! We went over to Michael's to get some materials!

Emily & dad painting ornaments <3

I'm having a giveaway! Yes, another one. I purchased this month's Julep Maven box and the colors are very similar to some I already own. In the spirit of holiday cheer and giving to my lovely friends I wanted to have a giveaway on my Instagram account. 
Head over there to enter, click here!! I purchased these myself, but already have similar colors in my collection so I am having a giveaway and spreading Christmas cheer! 

We spotted awesome Christmas lights! 

The highlight of my weekend! 

Yes, I said YES! I am completely happy, still cant stop looking at this ring, the meaning behind it is what I think about it all day. I am definitely lucky enough to say that I have everything that makes me happy right now, and lots to look forward to. 
Go congratulate Jose here, and let him know his fiance sent you! ;) 

I always said I wouldn't be a BRIDEZILLA.. What do you guys think? 

Thank you so much for reading about my weekend! 

Be sure to enter the giveaway on my Instagram and follow VeroSays! to stay connected! 



  1. Congratulation girl!! You are definitely one lucky girl and your fiancé is very lucky to have you as his! :) <3
    I don't think you'll be a bridezilla, you'll definitely be the prettiest bride.
    I'm happy for you! Btw I always love day off from work!
    That's probably the best beside the beautiful ring! :)
    Sincerely Renny

    1. THANK YOU RENNY!!!!! You're so sweet! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. AWE CONGRATS honey!!!! So happy for u!!! Trying to figure out how to repost pic and tag someone on Instagram so we can enter your giveaway! LOL. Can't figure out how to tag! ??? Guess I'm an idiot. He did GOOD on your ring girl, it's gorgeous!!!! :))))))))))))

    1. Do you have an iPhone? Just take a picture of it... and add the picture as a post on your account.. Tag me, and hashtag # verosaysjulepgiveaway :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  3. Congratulations! Such a beautiful ring! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. You had quite a wonderful weekend! Congratulations Vero, so happy for you! Enjoy the wedding planning, it's so much fun!! <3

  5. Congratulations! The ring is gorgeous!


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