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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Vacation is over, boy was that not a typical Veronica vacation! It was wonderful to stay home for the week and get a few things done, however, it felt like I had a never ending list of things to do. Things just popped out of nowhere! So happy to get back to being a nanny and getting my schedule back on track.

Saturday was the one month mark for my blog VeroSays! I don't know where the time went, time goes by so fast when you're having fun, & boy is blogging fun! Read my first blog post here . I am very happy with my blog and the direction that it is going, I do wish I had more time to blog (I am sure all passionate bloggers think this way). The past month that I have been blogging I have uploaded 40 blogs, including my October Favorites, Empties, Recent CVS Haul, Current "Got to go" Makeup, October Ipsy Glam bag, Throwback Thursday and Essie Cuticle Remover.

Don't forget to follow me, I know that when I started to blog I wasn't sure of many things, some including how to follow a blog and stay in touch with people. There are many ways to keep in touch, the ways I know about are:

My Google+ follow button is on my home page on the top right side, click follow. 
My GFC is also on my home page, click join this site and sign into your email. If you don't have one of the required emails you could follow with Bloglovin'. 

The home page on my blog has all of the links where you can follow me. I love using instagram for snapshots of what I am up to.

Do you know of other ways to follow? Some bloggers also give the option of following their blog through email, this option is mostly visible on their home page.

I had another family oriented weekend, here are some photos of my weekend! 

After ballet & tap class 
we went to Castle  Island..

Never too old for the swing! 

Did someone say mustache?

New to my collection...
Sinful Colors Glittery in Pink 
Julie G 

Princess Gabi visit! 

#fotd for Saturday

No need for extra caption :) 

Princesa Ariel-Emily 💓

#ootd For Sunday
Yes, in shoeless.. It was a lazy Sunday indeed! 

Sunday football with my loves! 


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are having a great Monday! Let me know in the comments section what you were up to and if you blog so I could follow you also.



  1. Happy one month! The first month of blogging is super exciting x

  2. love your saturday night was the little mermaid :D

  3. Aww looks like you had a fun week! Happy one month! It'll go by so fast!

  4. Happy one month on your blog! It looks like you had a great weekend! I just put my first FOTD post! check it out when you get a minute!


  5. Happy 1 month! We're so glad u starting blogging! Love your family photos! :)

  6. Happy one month blog-iversary!! Looks like you had a great weekend, I love your pictures!! :)

  7. Beautiful family darling! Enjoyed reading your blog :)


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