Wednesday Wishlist!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Wednesday Wishlist will usually consist of products that I want to have, and/or am planning on purchasing soon.  Things I've had my eye on ;)

Today, on my wishlist is one thing: 

-That all of my #bblogger friends and readers click the Ebates link & sign up for an account to start getting cash back just like I did! 

I wanted to blog about it for a whole, but wanted to make sure it was true and waited for my check. Here it is!!!!! I wasn't expecting a gift card as well! Maybe I'll check out the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls! 

I just received my first check from Ebates for shopping at my favorite stores through them. I love shopping online, I just pick what I want and wait for it to come in the mail. Working and being in school full time, as well as having a blog and a family to keep up with I don't have much time to shop when I really want something. My solution is to do it online. 

The way it works

You sign up for the Ebates account through my link (if a certain amount of people sign up through me I get a small compensation) and create an account. After that as long as you shop while signed on to your Ebates account you get points for every purchase you make. After a few weeks you get a check in the mail with the amount of points/money you earned by shopping through Ebates. The great thing is that they have tons of stores to shop from. 

Next time you want to online shop, checkout Ebates to see if they have the store you would like to purchase from and shop through them to get the points! 

This is not a scam!! I got my check yesterday along with a $10 gift card for Kohls!!! 

Are you a savvy shopper?


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