The Nanny Wears Makeup

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I am a nanny! I love my "job"! I tend to always "" the word job because this can't be real life. Doing what I love every morning & get paid for it is an absolute blessing. Yes, sometimes it gets tough and the kids give me a run for my money, but most of the time I have easy going days. I am still studying Education, and one day I'll be a teacher, for now this is perfect. 

I can't get too much into detail about being a nanny for the privacy of the family I work for and the families that I have worked for. However, I can say I have worked for some pretty great families. My very first experience as a nanny was dreadful, and in came the Queen and King in shining armor with a bundle of joy, the Princess. They sure swept me off my feet. They were the very best family ever. They treated me so wonderful, & I feel blessed to still have them in my life even as the princess has gone off to school.  

Ok, the good stuff: Makeup! 

am what I like to call a mushy nanny. I will tickle and kiss your cheeks until I can't any more.. Because I am so active with the kids that I care for, I keep my makeup at a minimum.  

Most of the time I use a few products to help me look awake, and nothing that can transfer over to the babies as I'm kissing away :) . 

Yes, that's it! I curl my eyelashes and apply a heavy coat of mascara, I apply nude liner to help my eyes look bigger and help me look awake and Chapstick! I wash my hands throughout the day so I always carry hand lotion (I really dislike dry hands).  

-Sonya Kashuk eyelash curler 
-Cover girl Clump Crusher 
in black (waterproof)
-Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude
-Classic Chapstick (any will do)  

Very rarely will I use a bit more products to even out my skin tone and help with the under eyes. I work and attend school full time so my nights are often long... For those days that I need coverage I will use more products, still keeping it very light. At the moment these are the products I am using for work. 

-Garnier BB Cream in light/medium
-Maybelline instant age rewind concealer
-Mac Studio Fix powder (to set)
-Jordana Brow pencil in brown
& my trusty Real Techniques brushes 

What do you wear to work? More? Less? Let me know in the comments section! 



  1. I use a lot of the products you do! Love those brushes, the nude liner, and the mascara! I still haven't tried the Maybelline concealer, but it's on my list! Everyone seems to love it! :)

    1. :) I was using the Sonya Kashuk quad concealer before this one... Think I will try something else, recommend any!?

      Thanks for commenting!!


  2. I love the Scandaleyes nude liner also! Makes you look so "awake"!

    1. Yes! I love it! I just got it a few weeks ago, I cant put it down! ;)

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. The Maybelline concealer is an amazing drugstore find! I think it does a really great job of coverage and it doesn't settle in line!



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