My WISH to be perfect...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ever feel like there is so much to do and just not enough hours in the day to do them? I'm constantly feeling this way. I'm not sure I'd change it at all, I like to stay busy. I do wish I could satisfy my desire to be perfect. Yeah, I said it. I'd love to be perfect at everything I do in life. The reality is that I'm not, nobody is, but I sure do try. 

I'm a list maker, are you?

I am more efficient when I write things down and I can visually see what I have done and what I have not. It helps me not forget things. One of the worst feelings is laying down in bed for the night and remembering something I forgot to do that day.  

Can't say who the thank you gift is for in case that person is reading my blog! (I hope you are!).

On my mental to do list: 

-eat healthy
-be kind

Lululemon Crop pants & Nike's!

Let me know how you stay on track and accomplish all the things you want to. Do you make a list? 



  1. Yes I make lists then I burn them and do a dance on the ashes! muhahha! I cant have a list my life is first come first serve hehe :)

    1. HA! Wish I didnt have this To do list right about now ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!



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