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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Monday always seems to get here so quickly! Especially after a long weekend. Luckily, I have a job that I love and enjoy very much, & Monday's for me are not that dreadful :)

I had a very busy weekend, (as usual)... We were busy with Emily's ballet and tap classes, setting up her new bedroom, getting my new office set up and managed to spend some QT with my oldest niece. I also started a new course SPE/300, so I was of course busy with homework and then trying to keep up with blogging.

I enjoy everything I do, but I am a very busy person. When I decided to start blogging I knew it would be something to add to my things to do... However, this is fun for me and I enjoy putting some time aside just for this. Even if it means staying up later than I would like. I am definitely enjoying this, and with homework being such a bore, I look forward to finishing it up so I could BLOG!

So, this weekend in pictures...

Friday, I had a dentist appointment that was long overdue, but dreadful! Two root canals for me! YIKES! No pictures necessary! ;) After my very scary appointment (I dislike having to go to the dentist very much!) I got to do something fun! We went to Rhode Island to the Roger Williams Zoo for the Jack-o-lantern Spectacular! We have gone three years now, and this might be the last time we go. The trip is a long one for us coming from Boston, however, it has been worth the drive until this year. I think people are becoming more aware of this event and it has gotten an overwhelming amount of visitors per day. It was so crowded. Anywho... Here are a few pictures of the Jack-o-Lantern's we spotted :) 


Saturday, Emily has her ballet and tap classes! This is so much fun for her and for us too! WE love to see her participating in something she enjoys. After some coffee the madness began. We set up her new bigger and better bedroom! Here are some before and after pictures! That handsome man is who I call my boo!

As soon as we finished up Emily's room I began to set up my office space, I posted a picture on Instagram... I am very happy with the way everything is coming out. I really enjoy having a place to sit to complete homework assignments and of course do some blogging. My new office/beauty room is not complete yet, but with work, school and a family, I have to take things day by day. I will update when it is complete. Although I don't think it will ever be complete, because even when it is set up the way I want it to be I will end up moving it around when I'm bored ;)

This was my happy face... ;)

Sunday I got up early to work on some homework and then went out for some breakfast. It has kind of become a Sunday thing. After breakfast I was on the hunt for a shoe storage/organizer. Found one, brought it home only to find it was a complete mess. Back to the store it goes today. Still in the market for an organizer. My oldest niece came over to play, it's always nice to spend some time with her and she gets along great with Emily. 

Some of my shoes without a home... 

What did you do this weekend?? I would love to know, let me know on the comments section below? Also, don't forget to follow this blog on GFC! :)



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I went over to your blog! Thanks for commenting!


  2. Aww what a busy but wonderful weekend! I hope you're feeling much better after those root canals! Dentist appointments are never fun! =(

    WOW, all those carved pumpkins are amazing!!! I LOVE the Hocus Pocus one (one of my most favorite Halloween movies hehe)

    I enjoy organizing, it's therapeutic for me (I'm weird haha). Emily's room looks fantastic! Your office is so pretty! I can't wait for the husband and I to get done with our home renovations so I can focus on my office! lol!

    I hope you find a shoe organizer soon! Loving all of the shoes you've shown us! <3

    My weekend was okay. Didn't get a chance to focus on blogging as much because I had a Saturday class and a busy weekend with home renovations lol. Glad that you had a great weekend hun! xoxo

    1. Liz! :)

      Thanks for your lovely comment!

      I despise having to go to the dentist, but it's a must!

      I love the way Emily's room came out and my office will get there eventually! We didn't get to go out much but we got some organizing done which is always great!

      Can't wait to see pictures of your renovations? Perhaps!! Hehe!

      Thanks! 💜

  3. Those pumpkins are absolutely amazing. Some people are so insanely talented. The rooms look great. Thanks so much for sharing! (◕‿◕✿)

  4. I absolutely HATE going to the dentist, I don't thing hate is a strong enough word for it! Eeeek! Just thinking about it makes me cringe, LOL!! I hope you are doing well, I can't imagine getting root canals.

    The pumpkins are all so neat, such a great concept.

    I love the room transformation, so cute! You had a busyyyy weekend!!

    We took an unexpected out of town I have some cleaning and laundry to catch up on.

    xoxo, Lily


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