Beauty things I suck at TAG!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I was tagged by Julie & Ashley from 20/30 GLAM!! Woah do these ladies have it together! Thanks for tagging me.

Beauty things I suck at: 

1. Eyeliner! Ahh, so hard for me to get close to the lash line and make both lines even! 

2. This may be universal-painting my right hand nails! So hard! I am getting a lot better at this though! 

3. Contouring/bronzing.. I think it's mostly because I am very light skinned.. It just doesn't look good, so I stay away. 

4. Eyebrows- I don't trust myself with tweezers, I am doomed.. I have to go to my trusty brow "lady". She's my cousin who works at Terry's Hair Salon in Chelsea, MA. She is by far the best at waxing. Totally recommend her! 

5. Bold lips. Can't do it. Just doesn't look good. Maybe it's because I am just drawn to subtle and neutral colors. Every time I attempt a bold or bright lip it is just a disaster.. I have come to terms with this and am completely fine with it..! 

I'm sure there are more things I suck at.. I'll spare you the details :) .  

I TAG you! What do you suck at? Make a blog post or let me know in the comments section below so I don't feel so bad about myself hehe.. 



  1. I haven't done this tag, but I can relate to #1 and #3. I always think I'm going to poke myself in the eye with the eyeliner (it takes me forever to apply) and with counturing I tend to get frustrated sometimes.


    1. HA! I think those are things a lot of girls may have issues with.. I guess practice makes perfect! :)


  2. We all suck at the same things!!! LOL. Thank u so much for doing this post! We just followed u by the way! Thought we already had but guess we forgot to do it! Anyways now we can keep up with your blog honey! :)))

  3. Thanks!! I just added the GFC gadget on my blog.. Thanks for following, I just followed you as well! :)


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