Oh Santa

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A few days before I set date for pictures with Santa, I started to try to get Lucas to warm up to Santa. I took him to the mall to see him, we watched movies with him, I showed him his first picture with Santa. We even saw Santa at his Christmas Party, and at the Scenic Conway train.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Christmas Cheer

If you asked me last year when we put up our Christmas tree, I’d say the day after Thanksgiving... no way we are decorating before Thanksgiving is over. This year, we decorated early, here’s why: we were going away for Thanksgiving weekend and wanted to come back to “Christmas” and this year felt different. It felt like we could and should celebrate Thanksgiving and being thankful with Christmas music and Christmas decor. 

A Toddler Clark Kent on Halloween 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another one I never got around to finishing... How adorable is our Clark Kent!? The best part about this costume is that everyone knew exactly who he was, so stinkin' cute. 

Baby Boy Nursery

Looking through some very weird and not very well put together posts, I came across this edit of Lucas' nursery before we actually started to "live" in it. He's 15 months now and it looks way different but I thought it would be nice to have on this corner of my internet space. 

When thinking about what I wanted Lucas' nursery to look like, I always thought green or gray on the walls, I never wanted blue, never mind a baby blue color. What ended up being on the walls? A baby blue color, and I actually love it. The first photos are from before Lucas was here. The room naturally looks a bit different now that he's actually here and we have had time to "live" in it and see what works and what doesn't. 

Lucas is O N E

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy birthday to my big guy! You're O N E!! 

Lucas' First Haircut

Saturday, July 29, 2017

We were planning on waiting for Lucas to be the big O N E, to get him his first haircut, but the other day we went for it. A quick little trim. He had a piece of hair that would get in his face all the time. We got rid of that and trimmed around the ears. He looks A D O R A B L E!! 

You make me smile Lucas Oliver! How did I ever not know you? 

Let me know in he comments when you got your first haircut or your baby's first haircut. In our family it is "tradition" to wait until their first birthday. 

We have a video of Lucas' first haircut!

Xo Veronica 
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